Studio Portal

Studio Portal, 2 HD projectors, laptop, multimedia player, Scrap Frame Sculptures (scrap wood), HD video 2 mins, Virtual Studo (image 18) Blender render, photogrammetry model of blue tool storage container viewed in video, 3 by 3 by 3 m, November 2021
Wide view of the installation, with video being projected on left and s with a photogrammetry model of tool storage viewed in the video.
View with lights turned on to view the frames in more detail, the frames are sculptures each individually titled and documented as the Alpha Frame Sculpture series.
View from the inside of the installation, looking out towards the two projectors.
View of Virtual Studio (render 18) projection centered.
View of video being projected centered. Video is approximately 2 mins long and is a static wide shot of the artist interacting with a blue tool storage box in a corner of the studio.
Close up of the projection on the wall.
Close-up of video projection on Alpha Frame Sculptures and wall.
Close-up of Virtual Studio image 18 Blender render projected onto Alpha Frame Sculpture and wall.
View of unintentional side projection on one of the Alphas.
Unintentional detail from app on computer that is projection