In Situ exhibition

The In Situ exhibition was the debut show of the Tellus Triannual (@tellustriannual). The show explored the concept of site-specificity through the guise of sculpture, furniture, painting and installation.

Participating artist:
Reinhard Agyekum (@reinhard_agyekum)
Thomas Brewin (@thomas_brewin)
Daniel Gerdica Samuel (@danielgerdicasamuel)
Jacob Sirkin (@jacobsirkin)

10 Greatorex Street, E1 5NF (@greatorexstreet_e1)

Outside looking in, blender render printed on A3 printer paper, wheat paste, Jacob Sirkin, April 2023. This paste-up was made specifically for the gate as a way of exploring a space which is often overlooked when considering the site of Greatorex Street. 
Works in order from left to right: In Memory, A2 print, wheat paste, Suki’s Garden Bed, L Bench and Workbench, pallet wood, timber, ladder. Respectively 300 by 300 by 300 cm, 200 by 150 by 65 cm and 300 by 320 by 200 cm, all work by Daniel Gerdica Samuel.
In Memory, A2 print, wheat paste, Daniel Gerdica Samuel
Suki’s Garden Bed, 300 by 300 by 300 cm, pallet wood, timber, ladder, Daniel Gerdica Samuel
Work on right: L Bench, pallet wood, timber, ladder, 200 by 150 by 65 cm, Daniel Gerdica Samuel
Workbench, pallet wood, timber, ladder, 300 by 320 by 200 cm, Daniel Gerdica Samuel.
Installation shot showing two annexe works mentioned as part B to sculptures encountered in whitespace. The ladder on the left corresponds to Suki’s Ladder, while the ladder on the right corresponds to A frame. Work by Jacob Sirkin.
In Situ poems on paper by Thomas Brewin, spread throughout the hallway on the backside of the pillars, only visible as the viewer exits the space.
Close-up of one of the poems, by Thomas Brewin.
Ironing board, annexe work corresponding to sculptural work in the white space by Jacob Sirkin. This ironing board was found on the site and is one of the few objects leftover from the past life of the warehouse as a sweatshop in Whitechapel, London.